We can replace your roof in the rainy season

Two Capstone Roofing workers replace a residential roof in Novato.

Just to be clear, we don’t perform roofing work when it’s raining; it’s not safe for workers, and exposing roof decking to rain causes materials to expand, leading to problems down the line. But California winters have many fair days and even dry spells that can last for weeks. We take advantage of these conditions to do something that most other roofing companies won’t even attempt: fully replacing roofs during the winter.

The difference between Capstone Roofing and other roofing contractors is how we organize our supplies and labor. The typical roofing company will have just a handful of people on any one project. It will take them several days, maybe even weeks, to repair or replace a roof. Whenever it rains, they’re forced to stop working and wait until all exposed areas have completely dried. This causes delays and is why many roofers take on few jobs during the wet winter months.

The difference with Capstone is that we finish the majority of our projects in one day—that includes fully replacing roofs. We work quickly by sending in a crew of a dozen or so experienced workers to the jobsite. With more hands on deck, we can get up on the roof, do the work and clean up all in one workday. As long as there’s no rain forecast for the day, there’s nothing stopping us from working on your roof.

The best part about this system from the homeowner’s perspective is that the work is done faster without sacrificing quality or safety. We trust our workmanship so much that we back it up with a 10-year warranty.

There’s no reason for homeowners to delay roof work until the spring. Once the showers pass, Capstone has the equipment and labor force in place to repair or replace your roof in one day.